FAKE: The secret plan for replacement of the population

Fake news
7-point population replacement plan
They said that there is a "7-point population replacement plan", as well as an ongoing secret operation for a new "great migration", the purpose of which is to replace the local population with refugees in Germany and in Europe as a whole. Plans for mass replacement of the population have been written by people with power and influence in international organizations and the non-governmental organizations that serve them.
Source:Right-wing parties, AfD, as mentioned by Deutsche Welle
Reliable information
85% of the refugees around the world are hosted in developing countries, not in Europe.
It is far from true that the majority of refugees came to European countries. Even in the height of the refugee influx to Europe in 2015, only 10% of the forcibly displaced population arrived in Europe and the share of refugees in the EU is 0.6% compared to its total population, according to the European Commission, based on data from UNHCR. Six years later, the situation has not changed much. 85% of the refugees around the world are hosted in developing countries, not in Europe. 73% of them are hosted in neighboring countries: Turkey, Columbia, Pakistan, Uganda, and Germany. Turkey hosted the largest number of refugees worldwide, with 3.6 million people. Colombia was second with 1.8 million, including Venezuelans displaced abroad. Relative to their national populations, the island of Aruba hosted the largest number of Venezuelans displaced abroad (1 in 6) while Lebanon hosted the largest number of refugees (1 in 7). This is the reason why the Global Compact on Refugees was adopted in 2018 to elicit support from developed countries for countries of asylum which can only cope with difficulty to provide the necessary basic services, humanitarian assistance and long-term integration to millions of displaced persons.
Source:UNHCR Global Trends Forced Displacement in 2019
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