United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bulgaria (UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency)

The UNHCR Representation in Bulgaria provides assistance to the authorities and civil society organizations working directly or indirectly on refugee protection, and supports the further development of the national protection system within the constantly evolving common European asylum system.

Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants

The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants provides strategic support to stakeholders by developing and maintaining an information infrastructure for the integration of refugees in Bulgaria, advocating and working to strengthen the cooperation between the various stakeholders and develop their capacity. The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants maintains an information infrastructure for the integration of refugees, aimed at stakeholders and at refugees

www.refugee-integration.bg; www.bcrm-bg.org
Bulgarian Red Cross

The Refugee and Migrant Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross provides a number of activities to support the social and economic integration of persons who have applied for or received refugee or humanitarian status and maintains an Integration and Information Center for Refugees. The BRC also supports the institutional strengthening and work of non-governmental organizations of refugee and migrant communities, as well as monitors the conditions in the registration and reception centers and the transit center of the State Agency for Refugees at the Council of Ministers and in the Special Homes for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners.

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

The Program for Legal Protection of Refugees and Migrants of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee provides free specialized legal consultations: representation during the refugee procedure, professional and independent legal protection, protection before the court and other state institutions, assistance for successful integration, support for voluntary repatriation. The program for legal protection of refugees and migrants of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee also participates in the development of the modern refugee and migration policy of Bulgaria.

Caritas Sofia

Caritas Sofia provides a number of activities to support the process of integration into Bulgarian society, including social counseling, psychological support, Bulgarian language courses, assistance with address registration, registration with a GP, help with finding housing and work, art classes, mentoring program and others. Caritas Sofia maintains a Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for Refugees, St. Anna.

Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria

The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria assists asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection. The organization provides timely information, translation and accompaniment to institutions, social and legal counseling, humanitarian and administrative assistance, conducts regular assessment of the psycho-social needs of vulnerable people and directs them to appropriate services in the community. The main areas in which CRWB works are: programs for direct work with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; expert activity and advocacy; fundraising and publicity.

FAR- Foundation for Access to Rights

FAR- Foundation for Access to Rights provides legal assistance to immigrants, refugees and stateless persons in situations revealing systematic problems in access to rights. FAR conducts independent research and trainings and organizes advocacy events. FAR maintains the information platform Migrantlife.bg

Centre for Legal Aid Voice in Bulgaria

CLA Voice in Bulgaria  provides legal assistance and advocacy for migrants seeking protection and refugees in Bulgaria. Voice in Bulgaria also carries out advocacy campaigns and activities aimed at establishing institutional and judicial practices, as well as legislation that are in line with international and European standards.

Multi Kulti Collective

The Multi Kulti Collective  works for community development, civic participation, solidarity, integration of migrants and refugees and human rights. MKC works both in the field and at the policy level, and also develops its own social entrepreneurship. MKC is the coordinator for Bulgaria of the European website on integration. The organization is a national partner of the European network for policies in the field of migrant education SIRIUS