Refugee Advisory Board

The space for true information

This website collects rumors and fake information among and about refugees in Bulgaria to help you distinguish fake news from real information. Explore our database of rumors and get in touch if you want to report false information you have seen online.

Refugee Advisory Board

The Refugee Advisory Board (RAB) supports the leadership of refugees through their participation in policy development processes that have a direct impact on the well-being of refugee communities with a focus on local integration. It consists of 13 members who are asylum seekers, refugees and one stateless person from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Yemen. The RAB operates with the support of UNHCR Bulgaria.

Disinformation management campaign

UNHCR launched an online campaign to manage misinformation and rumors about refugees in Bulgaria, entitled “They said that …”
Through this platform, the Refugee Advisory Board aims to identify and manage the rumors by debunking them using official sources and providing correct and reliable information.

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